Poems, Songs, & Sundry Writings

Teddy Bears Picnic in Bluestone

If you go down to the woods today, you’re in for a big surprise,

Daisy, Amy, Alfie and Dan, all in order of size.

And Paul and Wendy, Lucy and Chris, and Granny and Grandpa thrown in the mix,

All to the tune and fun of Teddy Bears Picnic.


Twenty-four is the family base, Hub of our holiday lives.

Cricket on the lawn outside, relax with colouring inside.

And then there’s swimming, archery and biking, even scary high wires and climbing,

Something there to do for everyone’s liking.


Evening supper is freshly prepared, by our leading cooks.

Monday’s Lucy Taco and Bits, Tuesday Pasta from Wend,

And Wednesday Granny serving and Indian, Thursday Chris with Pizza Italian.

Friday – well… sorry to say we’re leaving.


It’s sad to think we’re off tomorrow, and time to say goodbye,

Never mind, we’re back next year, ‘twill pass in the blink of an eye.

And anyway, don’t be dismayed, we’re all together on Easter Day,

Let’s celebrate another lovely holiday.


Winter is Cold

Winter is cold, icy ground, nothing grows,

Darker mornings, longer nights, weather warnings.

But children only want to cry:

“Look Mummy, it’s snowing outside”.


Winter is cold, frosted windows, oft behold,

Snug in bed, fast asleep, noses red,

Thinking of a dream to share,

“Look Mummy there’s snow in the air”.


Winter is cold, snowflakes fall, ice takes hold,

Crystal shapes, floating down, silent landscapes.

The driveway’s white, we’ve started a slide,

“Mummy it’s still snowing outside”.


Winter is cold, wind is blowing, uncontrolled,

Snowmen, sledging, snowball throwing,

Watch your hands, wrap up warm, children note,

“Mummy it’s not cool to wear a coat”.


Winter is cold, lots of snow, school is closed,

Fading light, all trees laden, landscape white,

WAKE UP for school, it’s time to leave,

“Mummy, was it just a dream?”


Winter is cold, what fun we’ve had, our tale is told,

Nearly Yuletide, Reality is, it’s mild outside,

But Children still only want to cry,

“Look Mummy it’s snowing outside”.


Les Enfants
Les enfants, nee il y a longtemps,
Les enfants, nee en Cornouailles,
Les enfants, maintenant adultes,
Les enfants, mais toujours je travaille

Les bebes, dans les bras,
Les bebes nee en Cornouailles,
Les bebes, sans defence,
Les bebes, mais toujours je travaille.

Les enfants, les annees d’ecole,
Les enfants, nee en Cornouailles,
Les enfants, font tous les devoirs,
Les enfants, mais toujours je travaille.

Les vacances, ils s’amusent bien,
Les vacances, loin de Cornouailles,
Les vacances, les enfants grandissent,
Les vacances, et puis je travaille.

Soudain, ils ont disparu,
Soudain, partir de Cornouailles,
Soudain, l’universite helent,
Soudain, il me reste au travail.

Coupable, je devrais avoir,
Coupable, toujours en Cornouailles,
Coupable, les aider encore,
Coupable, pourquoi le travail.

A l’avenir, les petits enfants,
A l’avenir, ils viendront en Cornouailles,
A l’avenir, je me les occuperai,
A l’avenir, sans tout le travail.

La retraite, j’ai beaucoup de temps,
La retraite, arrive en Cornouailles
La retraite, est-ce que c’est mon occasion,
La retraite, pas plus de travail.

Les petits enfants, enfin ils arrivent,
Les petits enfants, deux en Cornouailles,
Les petits enfants, deux plus pres de Bath,
Les petits enfants, sans le travail.

Maintenant, les enfants grandissent,
Maintenant, nous vieillissons en Cornouailles,
Maintenant, tout est l’histoire,
Et seulement, les memoires de travail.


Quatre-vingt-six etait une annee de rapeller,

Quand deux clubs de lion ont decide de jumeler.

Ca vaut un essai, tous les nous pensaient,

Et alors, le jumelage avait commence.


A l’epoque, les membres etait relativement jeune,

Beaucoup d’energie, meme un coeur a prendre.

Nous n’avons pas besoin de dormir,

Le vin coulait sans apparement finir.


Avec le temps, les amities ont grandi,

Le jumelage etait devenu reussir.

Les adultes, les enfants, toutes les familles,

Un evenement annuel avec nos amis.


Aujourd’hui nous celebrons le jumelage encore,

Un peu plus age, mais jeune de coeur,

On ne doit pas oublie de pencher la balance,

Vive les Lions!

Vive les amities!

Mais toujours   Vive les differences !!




Giving is traditional to celebrate the season,

Giving is also spiritual to honour Jesus birth

Giving is an offering for a special reason

Giving is donating to others on this earth.


Giving happens buying presents from the store

Giving happens delivering gifts from Santa’s sleigh

Giving happens listening for Santa at the door

Giving happens opening your parcels on Christmas day


Giving can be helping a fellow human being

Giving can be sparing time to help a friend

Giving can be aiding those in need of caring

Giving can be supporting to the bitter end.


Giving will be needed for now and evermore

Giving will be remembered by those who receive our care

Giving will be called for at Christmas even more

Giving will be our duty – we all must be aware.




As a Mum of six, my annual dilemma,

What to buy them during December.

Ideas, decisions, without end,

But more important – what to spend.


Last year I had some inspiration,

I set a budget in anticipation.

Two hundred pounds was the sum in question,

Divided by six seemed the ideal suggestion.


Not so simple, I was forced to admit,

Johnny, 12, wants an X box elite.

And Rosy, 10, was demanding an I-phone,

That’s most of the budget easily blown!


After lots of thought and deliberation,

I struck upon a new proposition.

Presents for young ones are much less dear,

I’ll divide it up – and pay by the year.


Now let me see – that’s twelve plus ten,

Then eight, then seven, that’s thirty seven.

Plus five then four, that’s fair all round,

Forty six into two hundred pounds.


Come Xmas Eve they were all duly bought,

Right on budget, as I thought.

Santa’s coming, now off to bed,

Dream about the day ahead.


Christmas morning reaped my dividend,

Great success, all presents opened.

Then a fight, a squabble – what’s going on?

They‘d googled the prices, on Amazon!



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