Barbados Feb/March 2011

Watch this space for news!

Leave Newquay at 3.15 Monday 14th Feb., night at Gatwick and fly out on Tuesday 15th Feb 10.30 am

Time for a quick swim in the sea before sunset??

Feb 17th       Arrived safely and haven’t done much so far if you don’t count beach, sea, sun and wine. Photos to follow when the internet connection here  hopefully improves. Dining on the beach tonight. Great news from Wendy about Paul’s job.

Nothing much has changed so go to last years Barbados page for a taste of the sunshine!

     The first sunset.  

  7.30 am  Sandy Lane Beach – the start of our morning beach walk

  Halfway point on the morning walk

  End of Payne’s Bay – time to turn around and head back for breakfast

Today Sat 19th was the big day for Holetown Carnival to celebrate the first landing in Barbados  in 1627

Special guests at the Carnival this year were the Harringay Youth Steel Band together with the Mayor of Haringay who is a Barbadian

The Festival is to commemorate the landing of the British in 1627 and claim the island in the name of King James I. The town was called Jamestown and the parish named St James.  King James actually died in 1625 so this illustrates the communication difficulties in those days. Really the town should have been Charlestown and the parish St Charles (all the parishes here are Saints). The town was later renamed Holetown but the church and parish remain James.

Great day today – Sunday 20th – went to the Almond Beach Village about 5 miles up the road for a day on the beach. Fantastic BBQ with Mali Mali (fish) and great swimming. Followed by a spectacular sunset:

Feb 23rd   Had a notable visit to the Barbados Wildlife Park and then to Harrisons Cave – a remarkable recently renovated attraction. Good for a day with quite a lot of rain.

We were 180 ft below the ground in an electric tram – quite a surprise for what is a lot of the time a third world country.

Feb 25th  Went into Bridgetown by local bus to the accompaniment of loud reggie music and packed local population – quite an experience !!   No pictures  inside bus – unable to extract camera from pocket due to extreme crowding

Quite a bit of rain the last couple of days but we have found plenty to do and there has been a sporting bonanza. Managed to find a pub right on the beach – together with about 300 others to watch England v France. Great atmosphere and have never seen a crowd stand up and sing the National anthem like that. There was slight confusion when England appeared to score another try – BBC America were so busy showing replays that the fact that it was disallowed owing to a previous forward pass was not very clear.

Then on Sunday I watched 90 mins of the cricket on text reports. Jean is used to it but everyone else thought I was a bit mad. Neverthless it turned out to be one of the best ever games and my eccentricity paid off.

We had a wonderful visit to the Eastmonds (whose son worked at my old dental practice and tragically died in December) and got a flavour of life in Barbados from the residents point of view. Turned out that they have been involved with AFS (which is how Jean and I met) so we had lots in common. They have actually hosted 3 students for a year. Some pics of their house:

     The banana tree section of their garden

Their house


John, Geoff and Victor


Jean, Victor, John, Christine and Nora

It was Nora’s 85th birthday
Today Monday crashed out on beach after morning walk, swam, read, walked some more along the beach and having fish fry on beach tonight.
Tues – another hard day at the office. Actually walked 8 miles today along various  parts of the coastline. Lunch at a BBQ on Dover Beach (had our usual Mahi mahi) and about to eat dinner by the waters edge. Not long left I’m afraid.

only 2 more of these!

Wednesday – another busy day Took local bus into Bridgetown = had to stand all the wayand hung on for dear life! Then walked around docks and on to Browne’s Beach, a stunning bay with clear water and white sand.

Browne's Beach

Back to Bridgetown to catch bus back – hairiest journey yet, stopped by police for not going on the approved route and sent back to bus station to start again! Driver furious and drove like a maniac – some got off and waited for the next bus – no sense of adventure some people! Walked up the coastline and had swim on way back.
For the birdwatching fraternity we have seen some amazing birds – Magnificent frigate bird, amazing humming birds called green throated carib, hundreds of cattle egrets, bananaquits galore, grey kingbirds – a moth and large insect feeder – semipalpated sandpipers very common, but hardly any seabirds here – there are more gulls on my roof in St Austell than on this entire island – strange.
Packing up tomorrow . Fantastic holiday once more.
Arrive Gatwick 6 am Friday and Newquay at 10.10 am

10 Responses to “Barbados Feb/March 2011”

  1. hello, i am trying to look your blog….best wishes of Pornichet.

  2. Looks Good. Would love to try the BBQ Mali Mali. The cricket is getting very exciting at the moment. I don’t think England will win this one.

  3. Sounds like you’re having a great time! Bottle a bit of sunshine for us – its a bit damp here.

    Half term is progressing well, I worked Tues and Wednesday but now off with kids for rest of week. Looking forward to a lazy few days pottering around in BG.

    Speak soon,


    Lucy xx

  4. Just made it – a brilliant finish by Collingwood and Bopara. I hope the fielding improves for the next one – it’s a big one!

  5. Olive Ledlie Says:

    Jean and Geoff: glad to hear that you are enjoying wonderful Barbados! Love, Olive and John

  6. Jude Smeath Says:

    Hi Jean and Geoff
    Glad that you are having a great time. Jethro continues to keep Barry and I grinning. He has a fettish for glasses and grabs them at every opportunity! He also does a good Andrex puppy impression with the loo roll.
    Can you sent us some sunshine?
    Love Jude and Barr

  7. Gran Canaria very good. Cold when we first returned, but lovely spring weather today – and the golf went well. Winchester Saturday and London walking tour Sunday.

  8. Glad you’re having such a lovely time! Wrist mending – only 3 more weeks to go – … I hope! Managed to cut my right-hand nails with nail clippers yesterday – amazing what you can do when pushed! Enjoy the rest of your hol – cold but sunny here today. Lots of love, Julie xx

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