Chenes 2017

June 18th. Not an early start. Short walk and swim before lunch. Hot and windy at the same time today with lots of pine needles landing on the balcony and patio. Late afternoon walk along beach at PIMG_0870ardigan.

June 17th. 33 today. Had a very early walk at Port Grimaud.  Finished watering system and ended up have to glue a couple of joints. Test tomorrow. Went to Cafe de France at Ste. Maxime for a  Jazz concert with dinner and took our friend Trevor Jones. Late night!

Wonderful playing for  nearly 3 hours and not a shred of music in sight.

June 16th. Getting rather hot – 30+ every day this week, that’s 86 or over in old money. If possible we get up really early to do the jobs and go for a walk, before retreating to the air conditioning. Thank goodness for the swimming pool to cool off from time to time and also the sea.

June 15th. Started reconnecting the automatic watering system for the garden after the new relaid surface. I now know the least favourite occupation in my 2nd life!! Made taking off the drainpipes for cleaning seem like a doddle.

June 13th. Finished painting the ballustrade round the balcony. It conveniently comes in 4 sections – hour and a half for each over 4 days.


Not cold!

Back here in Chenes Lieges in our hideaway in the far south of France near St Tropez.Arrrived May 29th and leave July 4th. Chenes means Oak tree and Lieges means Cork so we are situated about 1 mile from the sea in a forested area of huge umbrella pines and Cork Oak trees. Here are some pics to show our situation:

View of patio from Balcony – all plants grown in Cornwall !










Below Sunrise 6 am

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