As is customary, I delay the first entry just in case I transgress and fall off the wagon prematurely. However, now in day 4, the routine is established and I am joining the 1 in 6 drinkers who begin this exercise in the New Year. The benefits are well documented, but can be summarised something like this (and having tried it for about 40 years I can vouch for the authenticity).

  • lower blood sugar.
  • lower blood pressure.
  • fewer alcohol-related symptoms, like headaches, heartburn, indigestion and stomach upsets.
  • less fatty build-up around the liver.
  • improving existing conditions – depression, high blood pressure or skin conditions.
  • better sleep.
  • lose weight.
  • save money.

Well I lasted the first week and am now on day 9 and safely on course: with no alcohol, 10,000+ steps each day, swimming, various homemade dishes, vegetables and fruit, reasonably early nights. Feeling great with seemingly more time to do all the things on my list ( I’m sure I am not alone in making a daily list although it’s probably an age thing!)

On reflection, I do all this, I am sure, for health benefits, and for the mental satisfaction of being in control. After all it’s only 4 weeks and 3 days, or 744 hours, or even 44640 minutes….and thank goodness we don’t work as a wine taster or columnist, or a in a brewery!! Furthermore it’s easier because Jean hardly drinks any alcohol. I normally like a glass of Sauvignon Blanc with my meal and I’m definitely hoping to avoid this:-

It’s now day 17 and my update to my pious part-time prohibition is overdue. Time is flying by and the wine cellar door remains firmly closed. Life has become busier as our activities restart after the New Year. The second Monday is often referred to as ‘Blue Monday’ but it was safely engineered. It’s often a problem for some as to what drink to have at social gatherings.

When I started on this exercise I used to drink non alcoholic beer and in those days it was Kalibur, although there is now a vast choice. The latest craze is lime and soda, and water with the meal.

It’s January 24 all of a sudden, and only a week to go and I can safely say that I tick all the boxes laid out at the start. According to the charity ‘Alcohol Change UK’ there are nearly 9 million of us are off the booze this month. However, there are several ways of interpreting this exercise. Weekdays only, only applicable in this country, only the ones I pay for (!), or even dry white wine only!!

Jump to Jan 31st and end of the month and nearly there.

The most difficult decision now lies ahead – i.e. when to stop the drought! I have often gone on to do February as well, but looking at the diary I may not go the whole distance. Time willl tell. What to choose for the first tipple?

Well 10 more days in February was enough and we look forward to celebrating our Golden Wedding (albeit 2 years late due to Covid) on Thursday with all the familly and close friends.

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