Welcome to Geoff’s blog. As a retired dentist I have plenty of time to pursue my many interests. My wife Jean and I live in Sticker, having moved from St Austell in Cornwall in July 2015, and have 2 married daughters and 4 grandchildren.

Geoff’s interests include playing the flute, studying with the Open University, travelling, plant propagation, bird watching, walking (now without our cocker spaniel Charlie, who  sadly passed away) and charity work with the Lions Club. As a former club cricketer he is passionate about the noble game.

5 Responses to “About”

  1. Dennis Wilkins Says:

    Hello Goeff, I hope this finds you well. We’re a UK couple interested in buying a home at Club des Chenes Lieges and whilst searching we came across your blog. Hope you don’t mind but can you direct us to a site where we can see properties for sale there.? Thanks in advance Dennis & Majella Wilkins – Hampshire UK

    • Hi Dennis & Majella
      Thank you for your message, We sold our unit there in Saptember but I am still in contact with many of the residents. The guy who did the sales has just left owing to ill health, but there is a good friend of mine who lives at n. 6 Chenes Lieges who is handling the sales and lives there all the time. His details are as follows and he knows that you are going to contact him. He tells me there are some nice units for sale at the moment. His email is john.oxford1944@gmail.com – he’s originally from Lancashire.
      I wish you well – we had many happy years there – it was paradise for us.
      Best wishes.
      Geoff Oswald.

  2. Hello Geoff,

    I have just come across your message to Dennis after I have just sent a previous message about 10 minutes ago to you on an old article you wrote in 2014 then spotted here.
    I have a mobile on Parc St James over the road but have always fancied ending up at Chenes Lieges. A friend used to Holiday there so I have visited. I retire next year so keen to learn more.

    Would you be willing to give me just a little general info please.
    Would really appreciate your time.
    Regards Nerisa

    • Thank you for your comments, Nerisa, about Chenes Lieges. Actually we sold our unit earlylast year, but would recommend it as we spent 12 wonderful years there. I can’t really comment on the present situation and Covid, but it was always very friendly and the clubhouse and pool have been updated since we left. I suspect it will be more French than English in the future with the new restrictions. It does help if you can speak some French. Good luck. Geoff Oswald

      • Nerisa Kidd Says:

        Hi Geoff
        Thank you for your reply. Sorry it’s taken me months to find you again online as I forgot where I saw your blog!! Couldn’t remember!!

        Thank you for your info. Very useful. I did walk over a few times over the years, and met John who showed me round at the time but no answer to my messages to him now. Not sure if he’s still working or involved with sales of property. Some were advertised in the communal area as private sales but I wasn’t ready to purchase then.
        Would you know anyone living there now, any old friends maybe, who could tell me if any for sale at the moment. I’m selling my house at the moment – have sold- and considering buying a house in mid France but would really like to know if anything for sale on Club Des Chenes instead. My number is 07706 963 299 if you can think of anyone. I have been over on Parc St James for 20+ years so know the area very well. Im Retirement age next April. Thank you again for taking the time to answer my initial message and hoping you are both well. Nerisa

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